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Skills & support for post-ceremony integration

Kerry Moran, M.A., LPC

The Alchemy of Ayahuasca

Ritually used for millennia by the indigenous peoples of the Amazon Basin, ayahuasca is a provocative agent of psychological, emotional and spiritual change, served up in liquid form. Its use is spreading rapidly around the globe, as modern-day people discover the transformative potential of this visionary plant brew.

The wisdom that ayahuasca activates is the flowering of our own natural intelligence. It’s a complex and potent healing agent, not just a chemical concoction but a powerful sacred medicine that works in sync with the Self—that’s the Big ‘S’ Self—to catalyse healing and growth at all levels. It requires a great deal of courage and no small amount of savvy to fathom this, to navigate skillfully through the process, and, especially, to apply the fruits of the journey to one’s life.

This last is the work of integration, and those experienced with ayahuasca consider it to be the most important aspect of the process. Integration is the inner work you do in the days, weeks and months following ayahuasca ceremony, to claim the realisations received and make them your own.

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Why Integration Is Important

In my work as an integration therapist, I blend the insights of depth psychology and meditation practice with a multitude of practical tools and approaches to create a complete context that honors your mind, spirit, heart and body.

Working with ayahuasca is a co-creative process. It interacts synergistically with body, mind and spirit in ways that are utterly unique to each individual. I’m continually amazed by ayahuasca’s ability to pick the lock of the conceptual mind, releasing the contents of the personal unconscious and beyond. It liberates our inner wisdom in ways that are often surprising, but always intrinsic to our unique path.

The multi-faceted healing that ayahuasca engenders requires thoughtful preparation, strength and sincerity in the ceremony, and conscious integration in the time that follows. The long-term results depend on how consciously and completely we show up for this process. Ayahuasca is not a chemical substance to ingest and simply expect to be fixed by. It’s a complex and sacred medicine—an intelligent plant spirit, the people of the Amazon say—that demands to be met with all the courage, wisdom and openness we can muster.

About Kerry

I live in the U.S. and in the little town of Huaran in the Andean highlands of Peru, and work, locally and internationally, as an integration therapist. For me this profession draws together all my life experience—35+ years of Buddhist meditation practice, 25+ years of living abroad, and all the many practices and perspectives I’ve developed in two decades working as a psychotherapist.

My personal experience with master plants provides the foundation of my work with clients. I’ve worked intensively with ayahuasca since 2014 and have completed a lengthy series of plant dietas with a Peruvian tabaquero. Other plants I consider my teachers are iboga and huachuma (San Pedro).

Through my work as an integration therapist, drawing on my background as a depth psychotherapist and Buddhist practitioner, I aim to present ayahuasca integration in a comprehensive context, one rooted in psyche and reaching towards spirit, respecting the exigencies of modern lives and modern minds—and honoring the work of this mysterious and powerful plant that is rapidly spreading its gifts around the world.



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Integrating Ayahuasca Program

Ayahuasca can be a powerful agent of change, if you work with it consciously. As with any transformational experience, it can be helpful to have support and guidance on the path. As an integration therapist, I work with you to discern the deeper levels of what’s coming up inside of you: how this ties into your past, how it can clarify your present and shape your future.