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Archetypal Astrology

Skills & support for post-ceremony integration | Kerry Moran, M.A., LPC

“Astrology, particularly the study of planetary transits, can predict and illuminate both the archetypal content of non-ordinary states of consciousness and the timing of when particular states are most likely to occur.” — Dr. Stan Grof, transpersonal psychiatrist and researcher

Depth astrology offers a symbolic map of the unique individual you are in potential, the person you can become. Your birth chart gives insight into the depths of your own character; your innate talents and strengths, as well as your challenges. It’s a fascinating and deeply practical tool for self-discovery and development—and a superb complement to ayahuasca integration, offering a deeper understanding of your essence, your experiences, and the particular challenges you’re facing at this time.

Based on decades of research, Dr. Stan Grof calls archetypal astrology an “invaluable tool” for working with psychedelics and non-ordinary states of consciousness:

“I have come to regard astrology, particularly transit astrology, as the long-sought “Rosetta Stone” of consciousness research, providing an essential key for understanding the nature and content of holotropic or non-ordinary states of consciousness, both spontaneous and induced.”

Through astrology you can develop an understanding of your own essential soul purpose, and a deepening familiarity with the powerful archetypes—the gods and goddesses—who thread their way through your life.

Astrology Sessions
I’ve studied and practiced archetypal astrology since 1994, integrating it into my psychotherapy practice and my personal work with plant medicine. It’s a powerful and intriguing method of self-understanding, and I’m happy to be offering sessions by Zoom:

The readings I do combine an exploration of your natal chart (60 minutes) with a look at the transits and progressions that are up for you nowadays (around 30 minutes).

    • Natal chart readings explore your birth chart as a map of the soul, cultivating deeper self-awareness and self-acceptance.
    • Transit and progression readings take an in-depth look at what’s unfolding in your life at this moment, examining the deeper meaning of what may appear as difficult circumstances or a brilliant lucky streak.

In session together, we look at the patterns and potentials of your chart, relating them to your life as it is right now, and as it could unfold. Interweaving this with your integration journey and exploring the contents both personally and archetypally, we mine the depths of psyche at deeper levels. Topics for discussion can include specific challenges you’re facing, struggles you may be having, or unique opportunities not to be missed.

A 90-minute astrology session costs $265, and includes a digital audio recording and a .jpeg of your birth chart. To do a reading, I’ll need your birth date, place and time, and a few days advance notice to research and prepare. To book a session or inquire further, contact me at

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