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Pisac Integration CenterWith its high-altitude, high-vibration energy, Peru’s Sacred Valley is an extraordinary place to visit following an ayahuasca retreat. Located just 30 km northeast of Cusco, the Urubamba river valley extends from the town of Pisac all the way downriver to Machu Picchu. A stay of a few days or weeks offers the opportunity to work deeply and make best use of this valuable time, when you’re sensitive, malleable, and open to transformation.

Through Pisac Integration I provide professional support for people working with plant medicines like ayahuasca and San Pedro. In addition to personal sessions, I offer occasional classes and workshops in healing modalities. I can connect you with skilled healing practitioners and medicine providers in the Valley, and am happy to share suggestions for exploring the area and Machu Picchu.

ayahuasca integration Pisac