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ayahuasca supportIntegration is the process of deepening and grounding your work with ayahuasca. The plant can show you the problem and even the solution, but the work is yours alone to do. Drawing on my lengthy experience as a psychotherapist and meditator and my own work with ayahuasca and master plants, I offer skills and support to strengthen and inspire your process. Hour-long consultations are by Zoom or FaceTime, or in-person at my home in Huaran, Peru. Please note that my work currently focuses on integration and I no longer take long-term therapy clients.

Book a Session

To book a preparation or integration session, email me at with a brief description of what’s going on for you, your time zone, and a few good days/times for us to talk. I’ll get back to you within a day with contact details, possible times, and payment information. Please give 24 hours notice to cancel an appointment.

Sessions are 60 min/US$185 to, with the Zoom link sent on receipt of payment.

How it Works

In session, we start with what’s coming up for you nowadays, and your intentions for the hour. Together we explore what’s vital in your process, situating your ceremony experiences in the context of your life, discerning the patterns and meaning being revealed, and refining the steps you need to take. You’ll get practical tools and practices to use in daily life, as well as suggestions for your growth path and ways to deepen and continue your journey post-ceremony.

Integration sessions focus on the entire trajectory of your work with ayahuasca, to make it as complete as possible. Sessions may include:
*Inquiry and exploration
*Creating meaning from your experiences
*Translating visions and insights into your life as it is now
*Making an action plan: discovering your next steps
*Custom resources for your further growth and exploration

Preparation sessions support you in refining your intentions and clarifying your motivations. They can include:
*Crafting your intentions and releasing expectations
*The best mindset (and heart-set) to bring to ceremony
*What to do (and not do) the day of—and the day after
*Navigation tips and guidance for ceremony
*Exploring your personal questions and concerns

Discounted Session Package

1 preparation and 2 integration sessions for 20% less
Time to orient and prepare, then follow up with your experience.
Location: Online via video call, or in-person at my home in Huaran, Peru.
Timing: Scheduled according to our mutual convenience.
Cost: $445 (save $110)