My Approach

My therapeutic approach blends depth psychology (Jung, Hillman) with the nondual teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, and a profound respect for what the body is saying in the present moment. I’ve completed professional trainings in Somatic Experiencing, EMDR and Systemic Family Constellation Work. Other methods I practice include Focusing,, dreamwork, archetypal astrology, Voice Dialogue, and various forms of working with trauma and attachment. For several years I worked with The Temple of the Way of Light near Iquitos to develop an integration support program for guests; elements of that material are now available in the online Integrating Ayahuasca program.

My way of working is supportive, compassionate, and aims to get at the root of things, so that you can navigate through life with an increasing sense of wholeness. I firmly believe that shadow needs to be integrated with the Light, and have many ways of working with the rough stuff, the dark side, the unconscious and unknown. What I can offer you is not just transcendence, but grounded, practical approaches—spiritual, emotional, and somatic—to your integrative work, along with intuitive, intelligent support.

Since 2016 I’ve been exploring at a personal level the practice of dieta with traditional plant teachers. In the Amazon tradition, certain special trees, shrubs, vines are regarded as plantas maestras or teacher plants. Although not psychoactive in the way that ayahuasca or huachuma are, master plants like mapacho, chiricsanango, noya rao, and lupuna are known to teach, heal, cleanse and release blockages.

Plant teachers work at the cellular level in a way that is at once subtle and powerful, transforming body, mind, heart and spirit. I’m finding dieta to be a tremendous complement to ayahuasca work. I’m particularly interested in the ways both ayahuasca and plantas maestras work with deeply embedded blockages and patterns—trauma, and what you might call karmic imprints—to gradually and gently (sometimes quickly and fiercely!) heal and release, opening us to higher levels of understanding.