Integration and You

support for integrating ayahuascaMaybe you’re flying high.

Maybe you’re struggling to understand exactly what it all meant.

Maybe your experience with ayahuasca showed you things that you don’t really want to see, yet you know they are truth.

Maybe it showed you the most surprising thing of all—that you are loved, and lovable. That your essence is love, and the same for everyone else. And what do you do with that?

Maybe you’re trying to bring your new potential back into a world that hasn’t changed. Same job, same friends, same family, but different you. And you want to keep on going with this different you.

Perhaps you’re struggling to let go of old paradigms, or trying to construct new ones.

. . . stuck in old behaviors or mental constructs, wanting to change, but not knowing how . . .

Or you might be feeling isolated and alone, with nobody to share this powerful experience with.

Or maybe you’re filled with messianic zeal about this New Life you’re starting—yet some part of you wonders exactly how grounded it all is.

Integration is the process of working with all this and more. It’s the path of metabolizing your experiences fully, acting on your intuitions, making changes in your life—starting first and always within yourself.

Maybe you just want to continue working with ayahuasca, deeply and well, and walk the path that’s been shown to you. Maybe you could use some support or guidance, a sounding board, a deepening agent, a Shadow Guide.

If you feel the calling in any of these ways, get in touch. In a brief phone call or email exchange, we can discuss how we might work together, so that you’re supported in opening to your own internal guidance through this process of deep transformation. So the change doesn’t end with your last ceremony, but becomes harmoniously integrated, in your life and within yourself.