testimonials, Kerry Moran“I contacted Kerry in the aftermath of a very disturbing ayahuasca ceremony. She immediately helped me to ground and reconnect with myself. Not only that, but our session helped me see that my experience was giving me exactly what I’d asked for in my intention.” —M. K., NYC

“Some of my most profound breakthroughs in healing have come through the skilled, intuitive and body-centered emotional guidance that Kerry has offered in our work together.”—R. J., Lahaina

“Kerry has an amazing ability to guide people through the depths of their transformation. She shows up clear and strong in the moments where she is needed most. I deeply trust her due her extensive inner work dieting Amazonian plants. She carries a wealth of experience with transformative plant medicine that makes her highly qualified to work in this field. Combined with her long history with Buddhist practice and psychotherapy, I can think of no person better equipped to offer the gift of healing.”—S. N., Bend

“Having worked with therapists and counselors for 11 years of my life, I’ve never felt more seen and understood in that entire time than I did in our one session yesterday.”—W. W., Berlin

“I am extremely grateful for Kerry’s heartfulness and spiritual wisdom. To connect with someone who’s studied and practiced the Dharma for many years who has such a depth of experience with ayahuasca was incredibly healing for me.”—P. L., Victoria, B.C.

“Frankly, I was surprised at how much I got out of my integration session. My ceremonies are usually profound. Our session helped me understand more deeply what’s being asked of me. Kerry was excellent in helping me think of a number of practical changes, large and small, I could make in my life. I left feeling more connected and inspired, with a plan on how to tackle the things I’d only vaguely been thinking of.” —S. R., Boulder

I just wanted to drop a note letting you know how valuable these resources have already been for me; that Matt Kahn is soul-balm. Thank you for being a way-shower. I’m so glad I saw your light through the darkness.”—J. C., Winston-Salem

“Kerry has such a calming, relaxing presence, and her questions to me were spot-on, lighting up new understandings for me. I appreciate her perspectives and experience.”—D. W., Urubamba

“In a single session I was able to resolve an issue that had been tormenting me since my retreat. I’m grateful for Kerry’s practical and experienced guidance, and the way she skillfully supported me to access my own inner knowing.”—F. T., Fremantle

“Kerry Moran is a superlative therapist. Courageous, intelligent, highly experienced in more modalities that I can count. I deeply value her wisdom.”—N. B., Portland

“I cannot give Kerry enough praise as a skilled, intuitive therapist and guide to inner work. She brings her significant experience, intelligence and wisdom to every situation, and always delivers me to a new level of myself.”—M. L., Beijing

“I found our integration session to be very insightful. I came to it fairly terrified. Kerry helped me back off from a very frightening cliff and find new meaning. I would recommend a session with her to anyone wanting to better understand and integrate their ayahuasca experience.”—F. S., London

“I’d describe Kerry as “a healer for healers,” and recommend her to people who are seeking the deepest level of self-actualization. Kerry is profoundly insightful and deeply spiritual. She provides a solid container that enables you to access your innermost parts, accelerating your journey as a soul.”—S. Z., Palm Beach

“I got so much out of our meeting. I felt incredibly safe and supported speaking with you. The unpacking we did today makes me feel more grounded in my experience and like I have a direction to (slowly) move towards.”—R. H., Maui

“Kerry has a very calming presence; it made it easy to talk to her, and I feel much more grounded and secure understanding that the medicine is still continuing to work with me, and that the things I was struggling with are actually opportunities to deepen my healing.” —M. S., Aarhus

“Thank you so much for the space you held today. I notice I’m feeling a lot clearer. You really helped me piece some dots together, I sense the shifts are subtle but I imagine my trajectory will be very different after our conversation today.  In regards to your practical suggestions, they all resonated.”—R. W., Costa Rica

“Finding a highly intelligent, intuitive, body-focused therapist is extremely difficult—especially one with a diverse background in so many deep practices and perspectives. I am so fortunate to have found Kerry, whose wisdom, presence and skill at guiding me through some difficult emotional terrain and life issues has been incredibly helpful!”—W. T., Ireland

“The sessions I had with you were very meaningful and helpful to see where I was standing and how to keep channeling some feelings and thoughts coming from my inner child. It happened at a very good time for me and I felt understood by you right away, so I want to deeply thank you from the bottom of my heart.”—L.F., The Hague

“Last time and this time both, the sessions were gamechangers in coming out of these experiences, and were so incredibly helpful in helping me put things together after the ceremonies. The work you do is so valuable”.—M.B., Seattle

“You are so gifted, not just as a spiritual guide but as a therapist.”—N. C., Hilo